Lancaster Wine Company

Personally run independent retail & wholesale drinks business

Adrian Walsh - 07/12/2020

Lancaster Wine Company, Greaves Rd, Lancaster

Lancaster Wine Company is a personally wun independent business run by Fiona and Barry Howarth & rescue ‘Wine shop dog Rory’ assisting. Unsing over 25 years of Experience in the retail and wholersale drinks trade, Barry loves to hand pick his ever changing and evolving range of wines, beers and spirits.

Lancaster Wine Company approached us back in September 2020 with an idea to bring their shop to peoples homes for Christmas in the form of a Christmas Catalogue. The job then began to come up with the right sized booklet which would be a little different from the norm, look professional and have all the information that customers would need to order there Christmas drinks using the booklet. We selected a 2010mm square booklet, this is not only cost effective but when designing a catalogue a grid system can be used. Colours were carefully selected to reflect the different drinks, from whiskies, wines, gins and beers.


  • Graphic Design
  • Booklets
  • Digital Booklet