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Promote your business ‘Alfresco’ this spring

Being outside makes us feel good. It boosts our mood and reduces stress levels. Fresh air raises oxygen levels in the brain. That increases serotonin, the feel-good hormone. So why not make the most of nature’s help to do a bit of business this spring?

Take your trade wholly outside. Or extend your existing premises with an outdoor section. Capture more passing traffic, or simply get your brand out and about. Whatever your goal, we’ve got a load of outdoor marketing ideas to help you along your way.


Take your trade outside easily with these outdoor event solutions.


Set up your own outdoor store with a freestanding, waterproof Gazebo. They’re always a hit at pop-up events and maker’s markets.

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Café Barriers

Section off an area for VIP’s or define a table service zone with Café Barriers. Link two or more together to define a larger space.

All Cafe Barriers


Announce your location, advertise your products, or simply decorate the space around you with an array of fluttering Flags.

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Hide from the rain or protect your produce from the sun’s rays, with a Parasol. Whatever you need to shelter from, it’s got you covered.

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Ensure people know where to find you with clear signage.

Acrylic Signs

Direct footfall around your alfresco event with navigational messages printed on smart Acrylic Signs. Can be attached to walls or fences.

All Acrylic Signs

Window Stickers

Window Stickers can be used to display messages to people outside, even when your premises are closed.

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Pop Out Banners

Quick to put up, and hard to miss. Pop Out Banners can be secured to a grassy surface and display a different message on each side.

All Pop Out Banners

Metal Tray Signs

Let customers know they’re heading the right way with branded Tray Signs. Available in a range of sizes to suit your space.

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Create a celebratory atmosphere outside with these novel ideas.


Make sure your brand is visible everywhere your customers go at your outdoor event with colourful personalised Bunting.

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Nothing says ‘event’ quite like a collection of bright Balloons matched to your branding and emblazoned with your logo.

All Balloons


If it’s raining, allow guests use your customised Umbrellas for shelter. They’ll stay dry, and your brand will get a bit of free exposure.

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Create unity amongst your guests or customers with branded Silicone Wristbands. Can be used as an entry ticket, or VIP identifier.

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