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First impressions count – so make an awesome one

Start-ups and established companies alike face similar issues: how to maintain relevance and stay in the eyes, minds, and hearts of their customers. When it comes to businesses, first impressions do count and, like most things in life, you only get one chance to make an awesome one.

The effective branding and stationary can make or break your business. Inside your company, it boosts employee morale and motivates them by being a constant reminder of the brand they represent. Outside, it’s the first communication your prospective customer has with the company.

Take flyers and leaflets, for example. Relatively inexpensive, they’re one of the most effective ways to spread awareness about your exciting new offering or let the world know about your fantastic product. The average prospective customer will only spend around 1-2 seconds looking at a leaflet in the newspaper or the flyer in their hands. To make the most out of this limited time, you need quality branding. The flyer needs to feel good in the hand, and the flyer needs to be sturdy so it doesn’t get torn by a gust of wind. Poor quality materials reflect poorly on your brand, and flimsy leaflets tend to get discarded quickly.

One of the biggest problems business owners face today is dealing with an overly-saturated market. Your customers expect ads – in fact, they’re so used to them that they’re inoculated to any type of marketing content. If you want your marketing materials to make a difference and stay in your target audience’s fleeting memory, you need to switch things around. Customised branding and stationary such as unique cut-outs and vibrant colours truly make a difference.

Not only that but the good quality branding can also add to your company’s image. Every product you release speaks to

your customers about your brand. The main purpose of your marketing materials is to convey a sense of professionalism: good quality branding automatically translates into a positive perception of your business.

In this line of thought, business stationery can be an invaluable networking tool. When communicating with other businesses or clients, your collateral is the face of your company. Professional marketing materials convey a sense of professionalism to both clients and prospective partners or competitors in your niche. A well-designed business card printed on quality paper demonstrates that you welcome, appreciate and respect the people you work with.

As we already covered, the average customer is used to receiving a multitude of branding materials. So what decides which stationary makes the cut and which gets tossed right in the trash without a second look? That’s right. The quality branded stationary is also useful: it lies around homes and offices for years, instilling confidence and constantly reminding about your brand. The distinct logo, custom stationery, vibrant brochures and sturdy leaflets are more than just a luxury: they’re a necessity that helps your business stand out from the crowd and linger in your customers’ memories for years to come.